What we do

For all your injection moulding products

Euronyl -DPI is a pioneer in injection-moulding of aesthetics plastic sight products and metric critical components. We master all phases ranging from engineering, mould design and manufacturing to printing, signing, assembly, packaging, warehousing and logistics. All these processes are carried out with continuous improvement in our mind, we are ISO9001 certified.

From the drawing board to transport in 5 steps

1. Engineering advice

Euronyl-DPI advises customers on product design, quality, aesthetics, raw materials and texturing. We advice you on the most suitable manufacturing technique and calculate the break-even point for production.

2. Injection moulding techniques

DPI works with several different injection moulding techniques. This variates from compact injection moulding and injection moulding with gas injection to EVA injection moulding and the two-component injection moulding technique.

3. Assembly

For our customers we are not only just an injection moulding manufacturer, we also assist with many post-fabrication processes before the products end up in their warehouses.

4. Packaging

Besides assembling product components, DPI supports and relieves you as a customer in packaging your products. Throughout the entire process, you will have one point of contact within our organisation. Our clients therefore have no need for a packaging department of their own and can do without separate, multiple outsourcing partners.

5. Logistics

After the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of products, DPI delivers the products to the desired delivery point.

For all your injection moulding products

The motto “for all your injection molding products” sums up our company philosophy nicely. The injection molding of plastic products is our core business. In addition, we advise and support our customers with the entire process from product development to the logistical handling of the produced plastic products. Euronyl Plastics Group Netherlands has all the expertise in-house when it comes to producing your plastic products.