Full-service Injection Moulding

Euronyl-DPI manufactures, assembles and transports end-products which are made by a process of premium plastic injection moulding. Quality products for which this is the best possible production process in every way.


What we do

Engineering advice

Euronyl-DPI advises customers on product design, quality, aesthetics, raw materials and texturing. We give advice on the most suitable manufacturing technique and calculate the break-even point for production.

Injection moulding techniques

Euronyl-DPI works with several different injection moulding techniques. This variates from compact injection moulding and injection moulding with gas injection to the two-component injection moulding technique.


For our customers we are not only just an injection moulding manufacturer, we also assist with many post-fabrication processes before the products end up in their warehouses.


Besides assembling product components, Euronyl-DPI supports and relieves you as a customer in packaging your products. Throughout the entire process, you will have one point of contact within our organisation. Our clients therefore have no need for a packaging department of their own and can do without separate, multiple outsourcing partners.


After the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of products, Euronyl-DPI delivers the products to the desired delivery point.


For questions or advice please contact us by filling out the form below. Of course you can call us at +31 (0)40-2809808 or send an email to info@dpi.eu

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