Flexible and competent

For a completely controlled assembly procedure, DPI not only offers flexibly deployable work forces that can handle peak deliveries, but also logistics experts.

The logistics experts prepare the assembly procedure and handle the purchasing and supply chain. They monitor issues like fasteners, protective – and packaging materials, manuals and tools.

The consumer can expect that the purchased end-product is complete and undamaged. As soon as it is taken from the packaging, it’s deployed right away included by all the corresponding tools, devices and manuals.

Assembling, packaging and logistics

DPI is able to manufacture plastic injection moulded components seamlessly starting from 2 millimetres up to 2 metres, to assemble these components into finished end-products and ultimately deliver them in ready-made consumer packages to the correct delivery addresses according to schedule.

By fully supporting and relieving clients, DPI ensures that clients only need one point of contact, allowing them to save on internal processes.

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