For many companies, an injection molder is just a supplier of components that require countless finishing operations before they reach the warehouse or store shelves. But Euronyl – DPI is different.

Flexible and skilled

For fully controlled assembly, Euronyl – DPI not only has flexibly deployable forces that can handle peak deliveries, but also logistics experts.

The logistics experts prepare the assembly optimally and take care of purchasing and supplies. They supervise matters such as fasteners, protection and packaging materials, manuals and tools. After all, the consumer expects that the purchased end product comes out of the packaging complete and undamaged and can be used immediately with all the aids supplied.

Assembly process in pictures

At Euronyl – DPI we are constantly developing to optimize the injection molding production process. Innovation is the keyword here. Recently, the entire assembly department has been moved and renovated, in the context of the Lean concept. Curious about how the entire assembly process works exactly? Then watch the video below:

Assemble, pack and transport

Euronyl – DPI is able to seamlessly produce plastic injection molding components from 2 mm to 2 metres, assemble them into end products and deliver them just-in-time to the right delivery addresses in consumer packaging. By completely unburdening clients, you only need one point of contact and you save on your own logistics and post-processing.


From drawing board to transport in 5 steps: