Engineering advice

Euronyl – DPI advises on quality, aesthetics, material and texturing of plastic injection moulded products. We also advise you on the most suitable injection molding techniques and calculate the break-even point for production.

Thinking along in the design

Euronyl-DPI focuses on what is important for our customer. We listen carefully and ask the valid questions in order to define what is the defining property for your product and market. Whether it is quality, aestethics, sustainability or functionality, we help designing a product which is the perfect fit.

That is why we think along with you in the product design of your plastic injection molded product. You provide the design file, we check whether the current concept leads to the desired result in practice. We also think ahead with you, for example about whether the technical material combines well with the desired labeling method.

Think about production costs

The production should not only lead to a beautiful and first-class end result; it must also fit within the cost estimate.

We carefully weigh the design of the mould versus the total expected production volume. Choice of product design, time to market, mould steel, number of cavities and expected lifetime defines the needed investment and the estimated part price.

Euronyl-DPI assists you in choosing the optimal combination of investment in tools and production cost. Which results in the best possible TCO.

From the drawing board to transport in 5 steps:

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