Injection moulding proces

The entire injection molding process your full-service injection moulder!

Euronyl-DPI, As your plastic injection moulder, wants to completely unburden you. That is why we coordinate the entire process from design to logistics. Because all steps are completed at one location, we save time and money. There are even more advantages of injection molding. Read more about this in our article. For more information, please contact us directly!


From drawing board to transport in 5 steps

As an entrepreneur you want to maintain a good competitive position. At Euronyl – DPI we also understand this. It is important that the time between production and putting your new plastic product on the market is as short as possible. We offer all steps of plastic injection moulding. From drawing board to transport in 5 steps.

1. Advice on the product and process

Euronyl-DPI focuses on what is important for our customer. We listen carefully and ask the valid questions in order to define what is the defining property for your product and market. Whether it is quality, aestethics, sustainability or functionality, we help designing a product which is the perfect fit.

Because we have extensive experience and knowledge in this area, we think along with you about the product design. Each type of plastic has its own limitations and possibilities. Visual and technical requirements for a product influence the choice of a certain raw material. You supply the design file, we look at which injection molding method can be used to achieve the best end result.

2. Injection Moulding

Euronyl – DPI has various injection molding methods. This ensures that you choose the best injection molding method for your product. We advise on which method suits the design and which method is most suitable. The methods that can be used, depending on the type of product, are:

3. Assembly

Most plastic parts require post-processing after the injection molding process. With Euronyl-DPI, actions such as In Mold Labeling or assembly of the product can be applied immediately. Curious about how the entire assembly process works exactly? Then watch the video below:

4. Packaging

In addition to assembly, Euronyl-DPI also handles the packaging of plastic injection molded products. No packing department is needed. The necessary packaging is purchased and provided with any necessary instructions, manuals and labels. Specifications serve as a basis, so that the final packaging exactly meets all requirements.

5. Logistics

After the plastic product is completely ready and the production, assembly and packaging are completed, we arrange the logistics to the batch. In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, Euronyl-DPI also organizes the logistics between the distribution centre, supplier and customer.