In-mould labelling

With in-mould labelling, DPI attaches your label to the plastic in the mould.

The label is placed in the mould by DPI in a static position, meanwhile ensuring that it sticks firmly against the wall of the mould and remains well in position as soon as the plastic is injected. The label then becomes an integral part of the product.

More about the technique

The in-mould labelling technology saves a substantial amount of time compared to in-line labelling, because in fact the decoration and injection moulding process takes place at the same time.

In-mould labelling is mainly carried out for heavy-duty products. Due to the fact that we integrate the label in plastic, it remains unaffected for a longer period of time and deteriorates much slower.

Because the entire process is fully automated, the system automatically checks the correct position of the label. This is an efficient process and minimises chances of errors occurring.